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How Biofield Tuning Works

Biofield Tuning is a unique sound therapy, grounded in scientific studies of our electric health, restorative effect of vibrations on it, and human Biofield studies.

We are inviting order into your physical and energy systems with harmonic frequencies produced by special tuning forks.

Biofield (electromagnetic field within and around your body) stores our life experiences and everything that makes us who we are. With that come frequencies/energies that represent unhealthy programming. Patterns that restrict our freedom to heal and live fully and attract situations and conditions that match vibrations of disorder. Such limiting patterns are energetic marks left by stress, pressure, trauma and even those of our ancestors. Biofield Tuning finds such static in your electric signal and transforms it into positive energy. We add this new power to your body and mind that you can utilize to create better possibilities and opportunities in your life. Possibilities to see, receive and respond to life in a wiser, calmer and more empowered state. We do this by introducing harmonic frequencies of balance, love and light. Your body uses this input to become aware of foreign energies and begins recalibrating aspects of your physical systems, energy and mind into alignment, balanced state. Into your Feeling-Good state. This reflects in the experiences you create and attract.

All you need to do is lay down and relax. People usually feel instant relief, relaxation, peace and alignment. But major benefits are noticeable after the recalibration process. It continues after the session.


Every next tuning addresses different layers and causes of disturbance in your energy. You leave the session wrapped up in loving frequencies, that will support your adjustment process and protect you from negative influences of everyday life.​ Every treatment of Biofield Tuning not only cleanses negative influences but strengthens the sovereignty of your energy (field), making you more resistant to stress and external pressures.

It is best if you have time to relax after the session and don't have too much to do. Especially, after a Pattern Reset session, which is the most impactful of all. Substance use is strongly advised against before and after the session. Try to find a possibility to relax as much as possible the following day.


It is rare but possible to experience minor detox symptoms, as we activate the release of heavy energies out of your system. This can present itself as usual detox symptoms, and can last for a maximum of couple of days. My clients have not experienced any heavy physical detox. But people with heavy trauma can notice triggers and emotions coming up as they are being released and dissolved for good. This is nothing to fear and a very good sign. Contact me for any questions or concerns after your session. In the price is included a free quick grounding adjustment that we do at the beginning of each session to clear and empower healthy flow of life force through you and to strengthen your protection and resilience. We can do this quick follow-up online for 15-20 min if you feel like you need some assistance and relief with processing the changes. But remember that in order to let go we need to bring things up to the surface first. It should feel however as a liberating refreshing experience, where you discover new better ways of reacting to such emotions, memories. Remember, that this happening after a session is a healing sign and something to celebrate, welcome and allow. It passes quickly, and Biofield Tuning will never attract any negative experiences to you. It is just your emotional patterns readjusting.

Scroll down to watch the founder of Biofield Tuning and electric health expert, Eileen Day McKusick, explain how it works.

How Tuning Works Over Distance

Energy, vibrations, sound, move though ether. Ether connects all of us and everything, and is not restricted by space and time. This is how you feel when someone is about to call you, or think of someone and send them a vibrational signal to do so. We are just not taught to use this connection. I work with your hologram, connecting to you with the power of our intention, placing us both in a protective bubble of love and light, and allowing energies and your body do the cleansing work it requires and is ready for.

Distant healing has scientifically been proven to work and I have treated lots of my clients remotely. Receiver's intention is crucial though. We can only treat someone with their full consent. I have done remote sessions bringing beautiful results without a call, as long as those requirements are met.

What is Biofield Tuning?

What is Biofield Tuning?

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