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How To Deal With Intrusive Thoughts?

Simple ways to practice taking charge of your mind and restoring inner peace.

We all know that our minds are powerful enough to materialize things. So as some persistent not so positive thoughts keep trying and trying to get our attention and energy (that follows the attention), we try to refuse this subject.

Sometimes rejecting these thoughts only makes them more aggressively try to penetrate your mind. Here is what you can do.

1. From Rejection to Acknowledgement

If pushing this thought away does not work. Face it. It is okay to notice this thought. In fact, when you reject it you fear it. When you acknowledge the thought, it already loses a great deal of power over you, as you don’t treat it as a threat.

2. From Acknowledgment to Choice

It may not always feel this way, but you are absolutely in control of what you think about. A common mistake is trying to push thoughts out of our head so hard that we keep focusing on them, which is thinking about them (the very thing we are trying to avoid). So make an empowered choice. Transfer your focus.

It may take several corrections for you to switch the subject. Just keep doing it, bringing and bringing attention to something else. Ideally, to the best possible version of events.

3. Best Case Scenario Visualization

Are you thinking about the past? Think of the best possible way you can feel about it now. Visualize your best possible attitude to the issue.

Are you thinking about the present? Again, your best possible attitude and opinion about the subject. Take yourself to that dimension.

Are you thinking about the future? Same story. What is your best possible state of mind regarding this matter? What is the best possible turn of events and story that is already unfolding in your favor? Take yourself to that space.

4. Thoughts as Clouds

This technique is helping me immensely. Whenever I remember to use it :) I might set a reminder on my phone about this: “thoughts as clouds”.

See your thoughts as clouds coming into your sight, but they did not come to stay. They keep moving further, as new and new thoughts keep coming in. You don’t have to pick any of them and make it the main subject. In fact don’t, don’t pick any.

This is meditation. Observing all of that busyness trying to occupy your mind but not engaging with any of those energies.

Thoughts are external energies with a mind of their own. Those same thoughts visit so many people around the globe every second. All these worrisome thoughts have been here for eternity. Trying to find a host to let them in, elaborate on them, which allows them to grow in their power and impact.

See them for what they are and say “no thank you”. My aunt taught me to send this thought into the sky and watch it fly away, become smaller and smaller.

5. Don’t Get Discouraged

Don’t get discouraged if any of the methods don’t work instantly. It is a muscle to develop. It requires training. So keep applying the techniques, keep switching your attention, keep trying to observe the thoughts. You can and will master this with time.

6. Distraction

You, of course, can distract yourself. Ideally with something that excites you, makes you feel at your best, or helps you keep your mind clear. Dancing, running, singing, sports can be very effective. Try shaking your body, shaking your hands. Jumping, stomping your heels into the ground.

Journaling must be very effective. I personally am working on utilizing this more.

Repeating positive affirmations. Saying those best case scenarios out loud in past tense as if it had already happened.

Do something creative. Creativity is always best at clearing our mind. Because when we are creating we are living our highest truth. When we are in divine alignment our minds just work as intended - in clarity, presence, feeling good.

7. You Won’t F It Up

It is okay to have those thoughts visit you. It happens to everyone. Nothing will happen, nothing will materialize as long as you do the work. Study spirituality and the importance of your mind’s focus. Work on cleansing your energy (always at your service). Apply this every day.

Then even if you have moments of getting carried away by negative thoughts it cannot outshine all the other inner work you have done. It will be balanced out.

8. Try Spiritual Practices

Yoga, guided meditation. You can find meditation specifically on this worrisome topic on YouTube. Try a tapping practice (also YouTube). Grounding (feet onto the soil) works magic for me.

Or try my sound healing session <3. This is also about removal of the reason this thought is trying to attach to you. I will gladly explore if your body allows us to release that part of you that used to resonate with this thought. Of course the session is also deeply relaxing and brings clarity because we strengthen the sovereignty of your energy field, making it harder for unwanted thoughts to get in.

9. Awareness Is Your Ultra Powerful Weapon

There is nothing to fear. Your greatest power is your awareness. Bring awareness to the situation. To the thought, to you dealing with the thought, to you succeeding or not, to your learning process. As long as you are standing in your awareness no energy can harm you.

You know what this thought is. You know it doesn’t belong to you. You know you don’t choose it. You know there are better choices to think of. You know your power to protect yourself from any unwelcome energy.

Aware. In you power. In alignment. This is where you are and belong 🤍 You are limitless, remember that.

Wishing you many blessings,


Book a session with me here ;)

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