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Available Online

Distant Biofield Tuning Session

Connecting to you through Ether and working on your energetic imprint

  • 1 hour
  • 60 euro
  • Online

Service Description

Distant healing has been scientifically proven to work. Ether (a form of matter through which energy and vibrations travel) connects all of us and everything and is not bound by time and space. I place your hologram on my treatment table in Amsterdam and do a regular Biofield Tuning session just as I would in person. I have treated lots (and most) of clients distantly, and such sessions deliver just as beautiful results. You can choose any session: Standard, Pattern Reset, Frequency Massage or Relationship Session (please book a free consultation first for this one). We will connect with a video call for a quick face-to-face chat before and after the tuning, but will use just audio during the session. You lay down, close your eyes, bring your full attention to your body and mind and relax. This is all you have to do while I will be working on your Biofield: bringing balance, harmony and love frequencies where your body needs it the most. During the session I will be checking in on how you are feeling and processing the energies. We can have a more silent relaxing session or I can explain you a little more what I am doing. Contact me for any questions and I am happy to see you on our next tuning! Much love, Anna

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation/rescheduling less than 3 hours before the session - no refund. In person sessions cancelled/rescheduled within 7 days - €22 fee is charged/deducted from refund (rental fees I cannot avoid) or you can have an online session instead (just as effective). You can always find someone to receive your session to avoid any fees. Thank you for understanding and valuing your and my time 🌷

Contact Details

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