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Four Sessions To Choose From

all these sessions available and effective online and in person


Aspects of your body, mind and life that call for more energy, wisdom, support, empowerment and ease.

Your body directs the session by showing what it is ready and open to address, release and transmute. Clients usually identify exactly with what is coming up. However, we can also focus on your specific concerns, things you wish to improve in your life. We begin every session by connecting you to the power of the Earth and the Sun, and ensuring a strong flow of life force through you. The main part of the session is locating any incoherence in your energy, that may be the cause of disturbances in your life. We bring frequencies of love, harmony, balance and alignment there, bring new power into your body, helping it recalibrate whatever requires an adjustment. Past experiences, external influences and even experiences of our ancestors can leave energetic imprints on us that can determine who we are and how we live life. We restore the "positive" charge of that energy and bring it back into your body. Transforming heavy energies and vibrations into light, life force, that serves your wellbeing and quality of life.


Deep relaxation, tension release, rejuvenation, restorative benefits

This session is usually done in person. A wonderful self-care & self-love treatment. In a calming ambience I place and slide activated forks on Meridian points of your body, allowing it to absorb the healing vibrations. It doesn't matter what you are wearing. We are touching on everything from your feet to tips of your fingers and head (avoiding sensitive/private areas completely). This gives an incredibly relaxing effect, while adding vibrational health and strength to your organs, muscles and physical systems in your body. We are working on the tension, discomfort, stress and pressure that your body has been under, both physically and mentally. Prepping you to move on with clearer lighter energy, feeling refreshed and revitalized. If you are having a demanding lifestyle this session is for you. But also for anyone who wishes to pamper themselves, this time with healing vibrations.


Improved sleep, digestion, nervous system, relief of anxiety, overdoing, overthinking, fearful and emotional responses, better self-care and prioritization, new perspectives on situations, releasing repeated patterns in life, finding new ways of reacting to and interacting with your environment

We all have patterns of the way we act, comprehend, receive and go about life experiences. Whether acquired from our environment or inherited from the family line, some of those patterns are not beneficial to us and can block us from experiencing a better life. This session is good for anxiety, stress, fear, quieting the mind, finding objectivity, wisdom and neutrality in your emotional states and the way you respond to events, people and situations. Adrenal glands are responsible for production of adrenalin and other hormones that help regulate our response to stress. I am working on your adrenals vibrationally, finding disbalances and introducing balance and harmony there. When we reset your adrenal rhythm you are able to approach situations and experiences in life from a whole new standpoint. More and better options become available to you. Let go of the "I have always been this way" and step into "I can do (see) it differently".


We bring clarity, compassion, understanding, open-mindedness, new perspectives and solutions into the connection

This session can be performed with any two individuals (no matter the nature of the relationship), also animals. We are finding spaces in your shared energy field where greater harmony can be cultivated. By addressing the energetic blockages and walls that hinder understanding and clarity. Please note, that Biofield Tuning brings harmony, balance and coherence. I cannot manipulate specific predetermined outcomes. I bring coherence where it is lacking, only assist energetically the process of you managing a relationship. It is important to keep an open mind and be mindful with expectations. What is certain is that I only work with frequencies of love, light and harmony. They always work in your benefit. NOTE: it is best if both participants had at least one regular individual tuning session beforehand.

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