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What My Clients Say

Anna's Biofield Tuning has me blown away. After taking two sessions with Anna, I feel heavy destructive patterns have dropped, I feel closer to myself and I feel like there is magic in life again. 
Anna is very kind and she leads her sessions with compassion calmness and grace. She connects to you with only the highest intention for you and diligently and swiftly takes you from one stage of the session to the next, each step unfolding as a surprise. Gratitude rises within as you realize how powerful this modality is.
I would definitely recommend Anna's sessions to anyone who is seeking healing on a deeper level. Blessings to you and your work Anna.

Farah, Jordan

Hi Anna, i prayed to God this morning to bring Peace to my life , as my dreams were really upsetting after purging from healing 2 days ago.. i didn't know i would have this great experience, felt like this modality is bit more specific and releasing is more with clarity. Really enjoyed it. Also i just wanted to let you know that i always had felt there was resistant feeling to the right side of my body more than left and so, it was so in line with what I experienced in my body over all... And that i always had difficulties with being in sync with my body and mind, and i feel that this biofield tuning is helping with synchronicity of body? (Im not too certain but) I want to come back to balance more energy (as i have nearly no resistance to this modality) as for now i feel a lot is leaving now.... Thank you so much, *gratitude 🙏🦋💙🌟

Sia, Canada

Thank you so much for your time and energy durring our session on Saturday. My healing session with you was very beautiful. I really enjoyed your guidance along the way as well. Healing can be really magical if you put yourself in front of the right people. Your vibration is high and I could feel your purity during our session. I’m fully aware of the benefits of sound healing but I have never experienced such profound effects so quickly. I have had a (surgical) physical pain in my chest for about a year now and nothing I did would make it better. I’m finally feeling relief from this chronic pain. I didn’t think it was possible and thought it was something I would have to live with forever. The pain has not completely gone away but it’s not as intense. I also feel lighter and more joyful. Thanks again Anna.

Shirin, USA

I really enjoyed my tuning session. Anna's energy is very grounding, inviting and calming. She created a very safe environment where I could relax and let go of stress. She explained the process thoroughly. I could feel movement of energy and release happening with the different tones and vibrations of the tuning forks. It was powerful and her insights and information she gained from my chakras reflected my current challenges. Overall it was a relaxing and powerful session. I feel refreshed , more grounded, and came away with new insights about what affirmations my system needs right now. Thank you Anna

Whitney, USA

Sweet Anna, thank you for your help yesterday. I feel different, more centered and only woke up once last night without any heavy feelings! You have no idea how much that means to me 😇 I also trained over an Hour in the gym just yet and I was literally shocked about the power available to me. You are the best and i wish for you that all the goals you have will manifest soon🫶 keep it up the world needs it! 💯

Menno, the Netherlands

Thank you😊 i dont know where i would be without tuning✨❤️ Still learning to be centered but yeah... I truly made a huge progress last two months

Sia, Canada

Thank you for the wonderful experience ❤️ i will see you soon again. I think there is still alot of healing to do but step by step ✨🙌🏽 Thank you so much! Hope you had a lovely day to! Much love ❤️❤️❤️

R., the Netherlands

I booked three Biofield Tuning sessions with Anna. Her energy is warm and loving, she holds the space to support your healing journey and I felt very safe and nurtured during our sessions! The Biofield Tuning sessions conducted by Anna helped me become more centered and grounded and feel more connected to myself and my own power. After our sessions I feel more at ease and clear in my mind. Thanks for this beautiful experience!!

Matias, the Netherlands

Dear Anna,
Thank you so much again. On my way home i realy felt a calmness in my body. I hope it will stay for awhile :D. I will, thank you again! Much love💕💕✨

R., the Netherlands

I took a few hours after our session to just enjoy being and feeling so relaxed thank you so much. I feel grounded and one with myself, which doesn't happen often. Again, thank you for this, you are great! You made me feel safe to open up and share my thoughts  and experiences with you. Having tried several other forms of healing, I can honestly say you are gifted. I'm looking forward to our next sessions.

I feel like this therapy is helping me restructure my mind and emotions, I'm happy about that!!

Simona, the Netherlands

Anna is very professional and very intuitive.  I throughly enjoyed my session with her. She explained her process and any intuitive hits that she received.  I felt my chakras open up and could feel the healing process during and after. I felt so relaxed. It was a great session to have done before a very busy season. Thank you so much Anna

Barb, Canada

I feel you unstuck a lot that needed unsticking and today I feel more coherent and the energy in my house is actually better than yesterday morning. Be the wonderful deep tuner you are!!! Thank you also for being you and caring as much as you do. You helped me release some emotion that needed to move (e-motion!). I hope your day only shows you love today. I did not tell you about the shoulder and foot pain I had but I do not have it anymore since you tuned me! I realized a few hours later that the pain is gone! Thank you for a marvelous tuning!!

Tamara, Greece

The session was amazing. I experienced feelings that I have never felt before. I loved and appreciated how much time and dedication Anna had during the process. It is unbelievable how precise her observations were. I laughed and cried and was overwhelmed and taken over by emotions. It is something that I now want to look into more. Anna's passion is so powerful and you can truly see how much she loves it. An amazing experience and new way of looking at life, delivered by an amazing person.

Maria, the Netherlands

My experience with Anna's tuning always delivers a consistent effect. Within some time after the session I notice the deep feeling of peace, relaxation, contentment. It is a very pleasant and quite rare feeling, and you take it with you into your day. I have experienced multiple sessions with Anna. She is highly skilled, precise, and dedicated to her work.

Waldemar, the Netherlands

Anna is an amazing Biofield Tuning Practitioner! She was able to pinpoint the areas that needed to be released and did it with pure love and devotion to her craft. I felt safe and loved with no judgement! I would highly recommend Anna and I will be going back to her again!

Donna, USA

I have been wonderful!! I slept for 3 nights after the session! 🙏🏻 Getting stronger and stronger.

Y., the Netherlands

Sound healing was something completely new for me. I’ve always been fascinated by (alternative) ways of healing the body. I wanted to learn more about energy and that’s why I wanted to experience this sound healing. 

The most valuable experience for me was the difference between the flow and stuckness of energy. After the sound healing, I noticed how balanced my body was, energy was flowing and everything felt as if I were in alignment. 

I’m amazed by this technique due to all the sensible things we cannot see but clearly is around us every day.  
I always believed in it, but this definitely is my confirmation that I can work with. The craziest experience I had, and still am shocked by is that at the beginning of the session the making of the sound did not enter my ‘Aura’. Only when the session was at its end, every time she did the sound it felt like it was touching me, as if my aura of energy expanded and now I could feel it.

For me now, knowing more about vibration and energy, my goal is to be more aware of how I’m feeling and when I need some spiritual maintenance to get rid of any blockages.

I would definitely recommend Anna for a sound healing session. It's time more people should learn the importance of our own energy. She is very nice and will make you feel comfortable during the session. If you want to, she explains what she’s doing and what it has an effect on.  Thank you Anna :)

Sander, the Netherlands

Thank you Anna, I feel amazing just from that session. I wish you were in America!

Akbar, USA

I am feeling great after the wonderful session you gave me :) . Btw: great location, good vibe. In about two weeks I would like to book another in person session. It was an amazing experience, and couldn’t believe it was 1,5 hour, I probably dosed off :)

L., the Netherlands

Thank you again for that beautiful session today

C., the Netherlands

In general she feels more mental relaxation, and she feels less stressed. She will love to continue with another session some day :)

M. Jordan

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