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Unlock your true potential with the transformative power of Biofield Tuning

You are designed to self-restore and thrive. By harnessing the vibrational power of sound, Biofield Tuning reharmonizes your mind, body, and spirit, and clears your energy of resistance that may be obstructing your natural state of Well-Being.

Connect with your Inner Peace and Joy


Unique practice of Biofield Tuning is rooted in the science of the human Biofield, the electromagnetic field that surrounds and permeates your body. Using specialized tuning forks and healing frequencies we deeply relax your nervous system and transmute marks of past experiences and programs that interfere with your Well-Being.  During the session you simply lay down, relax, and breathe, as we realign your vibration with your true self and limitless resources available to you.

Biofield Tuning restores emotional balance, relieves pain and discomfort, heals trauma, boosts self-healing power and intuition, resets unhealthy patterns, improves energy levels and sleep, welcomes self-love and awareness, and provides energetic protection.


Pleasure to meet you, I'm Anna

I understand the struggle of emotional suffering all too well, having experienced severe anxiety, insecurity, and fear for most of my life. Through years of self-healing and exploring alternative medicine, I discovered the incredible benefits of Biofield Tuning. This practice has brought me peace, revealed my true self, and even set me free from a "chronic" condition. It's now my go-to weekly practice, and I'm honored to offer it to you.


Let your heart guide you to the practitioner who resonates with you. My endless love for people and the world fuels my passion for this work and amplifies the benefits of Biofield Tuning. I'm here to assist, serve, and empower you on your healing journey. During our session, you'll be loved, protected, and cared for with my pure intention to enhance your life as much as possible. Book a session with me today, and let's embark on your journey towards true healing.

a certified Biofield Tuning practitioner on a mission to heal the world, one person at a time. Based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, I tune people from all over the world.

Sessions I offer

All available & effective online and in person


Standard Biofield Tuning

Tuning to Your Needs

We find aspects of your body, mind and life that call for more energy, wisdom, support, empowerment and ease. We can focus on something you wish to improve in your life or allow your body communicate what blockages it is ready/needing to address.


In Person Session (Amsterdam)

All Sessions to Choose from: Standard, Pattern Reset, Sonic Meridian Flush or Relationship.

I welcome you at a cozy professional treatment room in Amsterdam Noord (NDSM). You get a lovely self-care gift from me. You can wear any clothing, nothing needs to be removed. Physical touch is minimal, I will only be applying forks and crystals to your body with your permission.

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Pattern Reset

Reset patterns of thinking, reacting, feeling that work against you

This session is good for anxiety, stress, fear, quieting the mind, finding objectivity, wisdom and neutrality in your emotional states and the way you respond to events, people and situations. Let go of the "I have always been this way" and step into "I can do/see/feel it differently"

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Sonic Meridian Flush

Deep Relaxation, Tension Release, Restorative, Rejuvenating

Deeply relaxing enjoyable frequency "massage". We are working on the stress and pressure that your body has been under, both physically and mentally, adding vibrational health and strength to your organs, muscles and systems. Infusing you with peace, lightness and ease.


Relationship Session
(2 individuals)

Addressing Blockages to Connection, Compassion, Understanding

This session can be performed with any two individuals (no matter the nature of a relationship). We are finding spaces in your shared energy field where greater harmony can be cultivated. Free consultation is compulsory before the relationship session.

My Clients Say

"I took a few hours after our session to just enjoy being and feeling so relaxed thank you so much. I feel grounded and one with myself, which doesn't happen often. Again, thank you for this, you are great! You made me feel safe to open up and share my thoughts  and experiences with you. Having tried several other forms of healing, I can honestly say you are gifted. I'm looking forward to our next sessions. I feel like this therapy is helping me restructure my mind and emotions, I'm happy about that!!"

Simona Serban

Sia, Canada

Thank you😊 i dont know where i would be without tuning✨❤️ Still learning to be centered but yeah... I truly made a huge progress last two months

“Future Medicine Will Be the Medicine of Frequencies”

Albert Einstein


You leave the session feeling lighter, reconnected to your power, higher self and the love the Universe/God has for you. We wrap you up in loving frequencies that will protect and support you.


Contact for questions / to book

Different payment method and booking over the phone are possible. Leave your number please and indicate that you want me to call you

Thanks for submitting! May this day bring blessings, miracles and new opportunities

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